Titled this Your Health but I shouldn't because I don't know what your health is. I do know what mine is and how it got that way so that's what I'm going to write about.

On the third of July 1994 I was operated on for blocked arteries, five of them. The Doctor called it quadruple bypass surgery. They open my chest, braced my rib cage apart placed my heart on a pump, cut out a major vein in my right leg (from my hip to just above the ankle) and used pieces of it to replace the plugged arteries. Five days later I went home.

Of course I had a lot of time to reflect on what caused all this and I'm convinced it was a several lifestyle changes all synced to that end result. I went into denial about having to stay fit. I had been physically active all of my life. Not as much as an athlete but in good shape. I started a new job; a sit down and use your eyes, brain and hands while the rest of me did nothing. Coffee breaks consisted of a soda pop, Pepsi was my favorite along with a bag of chips. Lunch, well that was up for grabs and usually consisted of some processed frozen ready to eat meal, or maybe a sandwich from the local convince store. My physical activity wound down as I became older to the point where it consisted of walking to my car. Bottom line is I became physically lazy.

Back to my going home from the hospital. The Doctor placed me on six prescription drugs plus a multi-vitamin and daily aspirin with an admonition of not eating any fat foods.

Now we fast forward to a block of time from around 1999 to 2004 or so. Between those years I have had six stents, a stroke, and a pacemaker added to the this body. A light came on and I started researching for more information about the drugs I was taking and what natural foods I need to be eating. Uncovered a ton of good info. No I'm not going through all of it -give us a break. Here's some not to eat and such.

A lot of one thing are not good for you.

For example an 8oz cup of Fusion has five teaspoons of sugar in it.

Red meat in moderation

Lack of exercise is a Killer. The best thing a person can do is a daily walk, and it should be for an hour at a good pace. (I do not have time. Well spend some time laying on a stainless steel bed with bright lights and a gaggle of doctors looking at you through those funnily looking glasses.

What is good for you. Find out, and when you do make changes to do it

We are all uniquely and wonderfully made. One shoe size doesn't fit all.

Most physical problems do not happen overnight. They take years; the one grain of a sand at a time scenario. So if a person would phase themselves into a good line of eating habits and exercise those grains of sand will be good ones.

One last thing. It takes years of subtle neglect, and indifference, accompanied by denial to accomplish what I went through and I really recommend not going there.