Marching off to Where

Now I know there are many people out in the world that do not believe in Christ. Many of you believe in other spiritual deities, while others do not believe in anything, except maybe themselves. I suppose you could say there are probably as many individual beliefs as there are people.
What brings us, and I mean all of us, to a place where we look inside ourselves and wonder; could our outlook on life, ourselves, and the interaction we have with others, be improved, or for that matter, does it need improvement?
Is there something better? Can I make my life better? We all, or most of us anyway, strive to achieve, and grow financially. We all have material wants of one form or another. We go to school, learn a vocation and spend a great deal of time becoming professionals in our field. We may even go to the extremes of physical abuse to get that next promotion, or reach a goal. It's part of life and a needed thing, for most of us anyway.

Well what about the part of us where things like motivation, desire and love reside. How do you grow in these areas, or do you? And in what direction?
Whose drum are you marching to? Did you establish your opinion, views and attitude toward the spiritual seal by attending Aristotle 101 in school? Maybe you adopted your parent’s philosophical views? Maybe nothing wrong with that either. It's just that something, sometime in your life, will say hey, what's going on here?

You just get uncomfortable and a change is needed. Only problem is changing what? I have money in the bank, I'm building a career, everything is fine, so what's the problem? Well one thing for sure, too much time is spent on a nagging frustration that keeps asking what's this all about? And you don't like nags. (Just where did your version of road rage originate)?

That foundation you have been standing on keeps moving. You find yourself believing in one thing then something happens, and off you go look for something else. Over the years you have built various monuments to pay homage to. So long as everything was going well you continue to maintain a respect to that monument. Then something happened that did not set right, and you build a different monument.

You continue looking for the ultimate, and not finding it you give up and decide to join a monument building organization that will take care of such things for you. All you need to do is simply do what they say. That's well and good; until they tell you to do something you really find out of sync. So, what do you do now? Join another organization? No? How about going back to building your own? Nope, been there done that. What now? Got yourself in a real jam now

You wake up one morning, it's still dark out. Everyone else is sleeping and you find yourself analyzing this problem.You realize there is something out there that made all this; Your body, the galaxy and all its contents; physical, metaphysical, spiritual (did I catch all of it)? As smart as you are, you really don't have the answer

You know you do not need or want someone else telling you how to believe in whatever made all of it.
You know they can't jail you for not conforming to their spiritual beliefs.
You’re an intelligent person, and realize you need an intelligent person to work through this with you.
You realize you are unique, and therefore cannot go on talking to yourself as though you were talking to that other intelligent person, because it creates a lopsided view when you do.
You realize, because you are unique you are special. Why else would something go to the trouble of creating you if you were a dime a dozen, so to speak.
Now wouldn't it be special to be able to talk to that something. Just might be able to get some answers.
Well were practically back to square one with the question of just who that someone is

Recap: I’m unique so I need to get one on one with this something; don't need others telling me what to believe.

I do not have the answers, and can't find anyone else that does

What to do?

Consider this:
Read the bible by starting with the Book of John. What version you ask; because you see a few of them on the book shelf. Well-read the Forward, the Preface, and any other introduction material, which will qualify it in your own mind. Personally, I like the New King James Version (NKJV). and the New International Version (NIV) and of course there’s always the King James Version

The Bible, to me, is my owner’s manual.
Check out a full Gospel God believing church. Warning: What you see there will be a congregation of individuals in all their uniqueness. You can be reassured of one thing, they all put their pants on one leg at a time; regardless of who they think they are :)