There’s a great small-town busy airport in Snohomish Washington called Harvey Field (S43). One paved runway, and another not so paved. The field is home to Skydiving clubs. Helicopter training, and a light Air Balloon outfit across the road. You can sit at their covered veranda and have something to eat from the Buzz In while watching folks do their small-town airport stuff.
TV Air’s home HUB is at S43 – for now. We fly everything except the heavy lifts. Were into piston and turbo single and twin engine up to 47,000 pounds or so, and of course Helicopters. Now if you think you can get a small twin private jet off that 2700-foot runway then have a go. Were not saying you must fly out of S43, that’s where the TVAir CEO – me, virtually hangs out. RW I get over that way about once a month.
You will find info to the ACARS program we use – Built by VAfinancials, and other stuff, linked to the left and right of this info. This site is in a development phase and will grow as time permits. Hang on. If you want to know more just hit the contact link and send me an e mail.
If after all this you want to join TVAir move your mouse into the left column click on the Pilot Application,
Future development of TVAir will be based on the interest generated. As of now it’s a one virtual pilot operation.
Cheers, Tenpin

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